The Charge of the Light Brigade

Along with all the other adjustments to relocating to a new state, comes the adjustment to the cost of living. People here cheerfully refer to it as the "Sun Tax". Personally, I would like a little less sun and I'll keep some of that money thank you very much.
But--here we are.
So, the electric bill came the other day sending my guy into a frenzy. He was shocked and appalled at the high price we have to pay to light our way in the dark. He tossed the bill onto the counter and began the war on waste. He blustered up and down the halls looking for any stray light or fan that might be functioning without humans in the vicinity.
He took a short break from this frenzy of activity to
research the cost of electricity in our last home and do a cost comparison. He was even more distressed to find out that California rates are FOUR TIMES HIGHER!
I think he would have been better off not knowing that.
As the assault on frivolous electrical use continued, he asked for a schedule of our daily comings and goings so he could set the thermostat to only be on when we are here.
My schedule of comings and goings took two pages--and that was just Monday.
Being the dedicated accounting and finance guy that he is, he managed to distill that into a very delicate ballet of cool air consumption. Precision tuned to cool us only at the bare minimum.
He put the family on notice that there would be no more frolicking in the cool breezes of unrestrained air conditioning. No more frivolous sitting in lighted rooms.
We are all team players.
We want to be helpful.
We want Dad's forehead vein to stop pulsating.
And so we are all on board with the new campaign to lower the electric bill.
In fact, every prayer offered yesterday--from the blessing on the food to our final family prayer--included a humble plea for help with our endeavor.
Today when Sam was studying science he had a eureka moment,
a light went on in his head. And someone snapped: "Turn that off."


Anna said…
That is so funny how all dads are the same.
This reminds me a lot of my dad.

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