The Week That Was

The days are flying by and it seems like one week melds into the next.
We barely catch our breath between the days--with seminary starting in the wee hours of the morning and studying going late into the evening and the usual and sometimes unusual shenanigans going on in between.
But here's a little glimpse of this past week:Seth discovered a cool way to frost the center of a layer cake.
He froze the frosting on foil in the baking pan and then
just peeled it off and laid it on there. Move over Martha!

We moved furniture around... make room for new carpet.
It replaces the grubby, dog hair version that was here when we moved in.

We moved more furniture around... scrub the grubby concrete tile floors.

We saw the garden grow out of control in some places...

...and this pumpkin got huger.

I don't understand the big hoopla about zucchini being so easy to grow--
this is my zucchini spot in the garden: barren.

The pumpkin patch: not so barren.

And we wrapped up the week with a visitor--
the scorpion in Shayla's shower!
Kinda makes the bats seem cute and cuddly.
Too bad scorpion doesn't rhyme with "cats".


Anna said…
I'm so impressed by Seth's frosting idea! Kids are so creative!

He's gonna go far with that brain.

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