An Ode to Apples and a Restrained Shout-out to the Old Home State

Autumn in California may not be the cool, crisp, rainy Fall I had grown
accustomed to in the Northwest,
But Washington was good enough to export their delightful apples
to share one of the great pleasures of the season.
So I stood in my kitchen in shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops,
the sun blazing in the excruciatingly blue sky right outside
my windows.
And I bit into a Honey Crisp apple.
Autumn comes at last to the Golden State.

Note that these apples EXCEED US EXTRA FANCY...
Just plain old FANCY is not good enough for them.
Oh, and I've said it before:
They are better than candy.
Trust me.


Shanna said…
Heaven bless Costco! That's the only way I get my Honeycrisp fix. I've been eating one every day with lunch since September. They are delicious with Tillamook aged white cheddar cheese too if you're into that. =)

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