Pretty in Pink

Today was Fast Sunday--no we don't speed through the meetings so it goes "fast" as several of my children had hoped when they were little...but we fast two meals and contribute an offering for those in need that is equivalent to the cost of the two meals (but in a generous estimation). That means that everyone is spiritually filled but very hungry by the time dinner rolls around. In fact they usually start talking about dinner on the ride home from church. Today, they all agreed that fettuccine Alfredo sounded delicious. Then Sam requested Seth's famous Chicken Parmigiana to go with it. Seth so generously agreed to make some for us.
I think he looks dashing in my pink apron.

He also made the Alfredo sauce--from scratch.

Sam agreed to be his assistant.
He donned the famous "Landa" apron.
He mentioned that I should get a Sunshine Yellow Apron to match my Kitchen-aid mixer, so he would have a colorful apron to wear like Seth did.

Seth put him to work scrubbing the pot.
Sam: "Is this clean enough for you?"
Seth: "You're going to be eating whatever comes out of it,
so you tell me!"

Seth's so good at this he can do it with his eyes closed!

Mmmm, golden brown deliciousness.

Dinner's ready...
Come and eat!


Anna said…
What cute sons you have! I sure do love those guys.

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