At Last

How cute is this?
One Year Old Scott with his train cake.
Back when we lived in the trailer--that was a step up from the chicken coop! Scott's 1st Birthday 1984
It's been a long while since I had a working scanner. I'll spare you the details of all the ups and downs in the long saga of trying to get something to work. Sadly, it has limited my ability to embarrass my children. I had to rely on only current pictures and couldn't dig into the Gale Family Archives. But today, I took matters into my own hands and tracked down the problem, found the solution to the problem and fixed the problem.

I am back in business.


Shanna said…
Oh my goodness the original train cake! I've never seen that picture. I've hardly seen any pictures of Scott as a baby even!
Nicole said…
so cute! i'm looking forward to the old Gale photos!

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