The Little Things

This popcorn popper is pretty old. I believe it dates back to the eighties. It has popped many delicious bowls of popcorn for me, my family, Joy School Children, Cub Scouts, Primary Children, YM/YW activities and so on and so forth.
And it just keeps on going.
When we moved recently, I left this at the cabin because I thought I would just get another one, just as good, after we got settled.
But I thought wrong. There is no longer a popcorn popper as amazing and efficient as this one out there for sale.
They just don't make 'em like they used to.
Lucky for me, my son Spencer knew of my consternation.
I told him I wished I had brought the popper with me when we moved.
I complained of the inferiority of the newer models.
I waxed nostalgic about the quick and tasty batches of popcorn we had made with the old one.
And, being the sensitive son that he is,
when he arrived with all of his missionary paraphanalia, he had tucked in amongst it
He even carefully packed the already cracked plastic top into his carryon so it would be safe.
That's my boy.


Shanna said…
He is such a little angel!! What a darling. I love that popcorn popper.

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