Happy, Happy Birthday

Today is Scott's Birthday. He was born in the wee hours of the morning 26 years ago. Two days before the BYU/Utah football game. Dad had tickets and had been hoping that the arrival of his firstborn would not cause him to miss it. Alas, that was the day Scott and I were discharged from the hospital and we needed someone to drive us home.
I don't remember if BYU won or lost, but I remember how sweet it was to be home in our little "chicken coop" with the small beginnings of our Eternal Family.
We didn't have much materially but we were happy and Scott was a delightful little baby.
And now he has a delightful little baby of his own.
And a sweet wife.
And a pretty awesome career ahead of him.
And he grew into a BYU fan himself.
We couldn't be prouder.
Happy Birthday Son.


Child Family said…
Scott said…
For the record books BYU won that game 55-7 so dad can't complain too heavily.

Thanks for thinking of me. Sorry we can't spend it closer by but it sounds like that may be changing...

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