My Personal Trainer

I have been training for a half-marathon.
By this I mean I have been sprinting out the door for my three times a week "run".
I start out going down our very steep hill at break-neck speed because of gravity and because I have a busy day of taxi-driving that I need to get back to.
After covering the first mile in 7 or so minutes, I have to slow down for a steady uphill rise.
This brings me around a corner to another steep hill going up.
Each morning as I come huffing and puffing up that hill, I am greeted with a cheery
"Good Morning"
From a guy who looks just like him:
Only in a jogging suit.
Sitting in a chair on his driveway.
That little chill up my spine spurs me up the hill faster than
I would go without his motivating wave and eerie smile.
Thank you Coach Pierre le Pieu.


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