A Fond Farewell

Yesterday we said good-bye to our Missionary Son.
He's off to learn the Hmong language in the MTC.
Then he'll be back in California sharing the Good News.
The youngsters all love Spencer. He's a kind and patient big brother.
They said their good-byes as he loaded his luggage into the car.

Andy and I drove him to the airport and helped him check in.
I told him I did all my crying the night before at our FHE Farewell.
Then I hugged him and the tears made a liar out of me.


Congratulations to mom and dad for all you've done to get your missionary there. It sure is an exciting time for a family as you already know. It is kind of sad to think we probably won't have any more missionaries out until the grandsons get there. Enjoy this wonderful time having a missionary in the field.

Gary, Stacie, and MacKenzie
pcnerdy said…
Yeah! Best Mission in the world! :D

Wonder if he'll get to go to the Oakland temple at all?

Let me know if he goes to Stockton. : )

Man I miss that place. I need to take Anna and go sometime...

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