Do You See What I See?

The Annual Christmas Pageant is a tradition in our home on Christmas Eve:

Scott as Joseph

No costumes this year for some reason. Baby Seth crawled over and picked up the Baby Jesus.
He wanted to give him a hug.

The Shepherds: Spencer & Shane

Shayla & Sam as Mary & Joseph

Siara, Shanna and Sam: The Very Happy Wiseman

Seth in the very dramatic role of Shepherd: "And he was sore afraid"
Shayla was the angel that year.

Sometimes the Shepherds got into boxing matches

Shane the Ninja Shepherd
 This particular year the youngsters made the point that the angel was a guy,
so in the interest of authenticity, Spencer took on  the role of Angel.

I like to think (hope) that somewhere amongst all the chaos going on those Christmas Eves, our children were learning the story of the Savior's humble beginnings, and getting the idea of what Christmas is really about.


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