A Snoopy Christmas

I'm not big on surprises. Oh, I love to surprise my loved ones for Birthdays or Christmas and sometimes other holidays. I love to keep them guessing and I love to consider the options and choose the perfect gift for someone. And see their delight on Christmas morning.  We've had our share of surprise parties--some that came off as planned, some that didn't. But for myself--I don't like the unknown. I have a need to know. In my younger days I was a little ruthless in my need to know. If I suspected Andy was up to something for my birthday or Christmas, I became a regular Sherlock Holmes. Keeping an eye out for clues. Pressing for details. Searching for evidence. Back then it was "Elementary" because the youngsters were easily persuaded to spill the beans. I could get them to sing like a canary with the gentlest prodding. I found out early on that he kept gifts in the trunk of his car until he had a chance to get one of the kids to wrap them for him. (This reminds me of a little exchange years ago, between my guy and our daughter Siara:
                                Andy: Will you wrap this for me--it's for Mom."
                                Siara: So you want it done nicely?
                                Andy: Well, yeah
                                Siara: That will cost you. Otherwise you will have to do it yourself--you know, the 'Crap Wrap.')

Yes, our children had the Spirit of Christmas giving--but they are also very enterprising. They get that from their father.

So, back to my sleuthing. I usually knew pretty much everything I was getting by Christmas with Andy none the wiser. But, eventually I came to realize it wasn't that fun. I decided I would rather wait for the surprise. I matured a little I guess. So I gave up my wiley ways. From time to time, Andy really outdid himself. One year he bought me a viola. I had played in elementary school and jr. high but never had my own instrument. I had talked about it from time to time and he decided to get one for me. He knew a guy he worked with played the violin so he asked him to go with him to pick out the viola. Then he found out this guy played with a local Chamber Symphony and that they needed viola players. He printed up a nice certificate offering babysitting (I know: they're his own kids--it's not babysitting--but you get the idea) services once a week so I could join this group and get back into music. I was out of the house when he wrapped the viola in a giant box. I didn't ask, but Scott (who was about 4 years old) was eager to tell me: "Mom, I saw Dad wrapping your present. It's a 'broof' case!" (brief case) Scott didn't realize I had turned over a new leaf and would not be pressing them for information any more. But I was intrigued as to why Andy thought I needed a brief case. Maybe he thought it would make a great diaper bag?

So, that was a very nice surprise. I was totally overwhelmed and cried and carried on. And it was sincere and spontaneous because I really didn't know what it was ahead of time. And maybe I was a little relieved it wasn't a 'broof case'.

That brings me to this year. Last Saturday Andy went out to 'run some errands'. When he got back I was out by the trash cans and caught the interchange he had with Shane. Shane was to carry something upstairs and wrap it. Andy handed him money, which he stuffed in his pocket. And then scampered off.
I decided to reign in my need to know, ignored the whole thing and went back to cleaning.

Well, yesterday when Andy got home from work he told me he needed my car to go pick up some things from Home Depot. He wasn't working on any projects that I knew of so I got a little suspicious. When he got home, curiosity overcame my resolve of many years not to be nosy, and I went out to take a peek. There were two big boxes in the garage.
Two toilets.
I really hope that's not a Christmas surprise for me.


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