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Back in my Northwest days, I subscribed to the local newspaper: The Oregonian. Each week there was an article featuring a regular, everyday person and their methods/ways/habits of exercising. They could range from the mundane ("I walk around the block every morning--rain or shine") to the inspirational ("I walk around the block every morning--rain or shine even though I have a terrible disease that makes it painful and I can't eat anything with eggs, wheat, milk, nuts, or food in it"). I would often read the paper while I was running/jogging/walking/gasping on the treadmill in the basement of our house and later the garage of the cabin. I was like a little hamster on its wheel: running, running, running and going nowhere. But, unlike the hamster, I could read so I picked up some great workout tips and ideas and was duly inspired to keep going and not give up and sit on the couch and eat potato chips--which is what I really wanted to do.

From time to time, I would imagine what workout tips I could share, what if the Oregonian came to my house and photgraphed me toiling away on my treadmill? I couldn't really think of anything mundane or inspirational. I'm an old, crazy, Mormon Mother of Many--what do I know?

But, since moving to sunny, southern California, I have picked up the pace a little. All this nice weather makes you feel like a slacker if you aren't out in it doing something. Also, I left the treadmill at the cabin so I have to run/jog/walk/gasp up and down the steep hills around my neighborhood. And as luck would have it, the other day I discovered a great tip to share. I'll call it
Here's how it works:

Take off from home for a nice long run. Then just for the sake of variety, take a different route. This works best if you are new to an area and don't know where the heck you are going. Then, I like to get caught up in my thoughts and sort of zone out. I plan out my day, my week, each child's life and before you know it, I've covered a lot of territory. Just let your mind wander in whatever way you like. Then, wait for a horn to honk or a dog to bark. This will bring you out of the reverie and hopefully, you'll find yourself totally lost.

This workout plan is so great because now, you have to find your way home--and not only have you gone miles out of your way, but you have no choice but to cover many extra miles to find your way back home! It's a WIN/WIN! The extra bonus in this workout plan is the adrenalin rush you get from the panic attack--your thundering heart and gasping lungs are burning up all kinds of calories! You'll be amazed at how motivated you are when you are in survival mode. To really make it matter, have a child or two away at some activity so that you have get back to pick them up--now you're working it girl!

Feel free to use my inspirational workout plan. I might even call the Oregonian.

Next week's Workout: Running From Coyotes


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