This Boy

Is so excited to be out of the MTC!
We have not received any recent pictures from him due to his diligence and hard work
in learning the Hmong language and  recovering from the one flu virus that slipped past
 the myriad  flu vaccines he got before he left.

So these will do for now--you can see that he is charming, adorable and enthusiastic--all good character traits in a faithful missionary. And these have been an integral part of who he is from day one.
So he will hit the ground running, I am sure.
And he will teach and preach and work like missionaries do!

Spencer is serving in the California, Sacramento, Hmong speaking mission.
If you would like to write to him, or send him cookies (he lost 15 lbs in the MTC!!)
Email me and I will give you his address.


Swanks said…
Sister Gale, I just wanted to tell you that you are so cute. That's all.

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