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We recently spent a delightful week with our favorite daughter-in-law: Nicole and that adorable grandbaby: Bailey. The rain poured from the sky and we passed around a miserable flu bug of some mysterious origin. But is spite of that, we enjoyed the visit and think it was a very thoughtful Christmas gift. So, today I will share with you a little of the sweetness that is Bailey:

1. Bailey is a hardy traveler--she showed up after a long plane ride, met a bunch of strangers (us) and was soon cheerfully entertaining us with her tricks and antics.
2. She calls anyone of child age "Baby".
3. In our house, the only one of child age left is Shane--so he was "Baby" to Bailey.
4. Bailey would greet him with an excited "Baby! Baby! Baby!" whenever she saw him. Her adoration and love for "Baby" helped him overcome his concern with the name "Baby".
5. She calls her Daddy "Dad-o"--how cute is that?
6. She can do all the actions and words to  "Wheels on the Bus" (the babies on the bus go "Waa, waa, waa" is priceless).
7. She can do "Pat-a-cake" like a pro--all the way to "throw it in the oven for Bailey and me".
8. She knows her shapes and shouts out "circle" whenever one shows up in a book.
9. Animals and their sounds are her specialty. Funny how this can entertain a room full of mature, grown people endlessly.
10. When it's time for snack, she is very enthusiastic and pushes on the highchair to let you know its snack time.
11. She has definite opinions about what she will eat. The moment of truth comes when she puts it in her mouth or drops it overboard.
12. Blueberries are her favorite. And the way she says it is too cute--and cannot be recreated here in mere letters. Shanna has video that I will share when I get my hands on it.
13. She calls Andy "Pop-pop" and followed him around all evening the first night she was here.
14. She calls me "Nana". Music to my ears.
15. She's not big on napping--it's not fair to ask her to slow down.
16. She sleeps like a dream at night though.
17. She is an early riser--up and at 'em by the crack of dawn.
18. Bath time was mine--it was so fun to watch her play and splash and put her foot in the rinsing cup and shout out "toes!"
19. She knows and enjoys pointing out the features on faces: Nose, eyes, mouth, ears. She especially enjoyed squeezing "Baby's" nose often and vigorously.
20. Saying good-bye was heart-wrenching. She hugged me and patted my back and said "Nana. Nana. Nana" 'til I thought my heart would burst. I walked to the car with my sunglasses covering my grandma tears.
I know that may not be a "fun" fact--but it means she was so much fun it was hard to let her go. And we can't wait to see her again.


Shanna said…
Oh my gosh my heart aches just reading this I miss her so much! Pictures and videos will be posted via blog tonight, and I'll send you copies.
Kris said…
Joanna...My heart aches reading this and know how you feel. It is the worst to have to say goodbye to her! Bailey is such a delight and you described her perfectly! I love that she referred to Shane as "baby". She is going to be such a great big sister.
Larissa said…
Super proud grandma! So sweet.

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