The Anniversary

27 years together is an accomplishment worth noting. We are two people who could not be more different. It was once documented when our very detailed personality profiles (after filling out a fifty-page questionnaire each) were used as an example in a business conference as two people who were complete opposites in a way the moderator had never seen in all of his years of professional experience. Ironically, of all the couples in that room at the time, we are one of the few who are still together. What is our secret? Sheer determination? Sometimes. Stubborn stick-to-it-iveness? That helps. A little bit of crazy? Can't hurt.
But the real secret is: I don't know. I can't narrow it down to one or two things. It's taking one day at a time.  It's dinner on the table. It's socks in the hamper. It's paying the insurance. It's compromising on  what kind of chips to buy. It's leaky roofs and leaky toilets. It's diapers and ear infections. It's getting through and getting by. It's laughing. Lots of laughing. It's being all in, come heck or high water (and trust me, we've had both). It's worry and contentment. It's insane and reasonable. It's highs and lows. It's the mundane and the sublime. It's you and me. It's us. It's forever. It's wonderful.


pcnerdy said…
Yay! Congratulations!

I think me and Anna are fairly opposite at times also. :)
Melanie said…
Congrats on 27 years! We're only 4 years behind you.

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