Preach My Gospel

Just an update on our missionary: he arrived safely in the mission field. The two-hour flight from Provo to Sacramento was grueling, but you know Spencer--not a complainer. If you are OCD like me, you are at this moment trying to resist the urge to straighten his tie. Trust me, there's nothing you can do about it.
Although he is serving in the United States, and only six hours from where his family lives, his letters seem to be coming from some faraway, foreign outpost.
Here is a rundown of some of his recent experiences:
1. Eating pig intestines.
2. Witnessing animal sacrifice in someone's living room.
3. This included a shaman dancing and twirling on the table.
4. Eating more pig intestine. And some liver for good measure.
5. Working around demon worship traditions to bring the light of the Gospel to a new generation.
6. Five baptisms this week-end.


pcnerdy said…
That is crazy. I never actually got to see any of the crazy rituals. We saw some of the preparations, though.

We were teaching a completely different subset of people though...

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