This is the Story of a Girl

Siara is the Birthday Girl today...she started very young as a
trend-setter with a definite style of her own.

A First Day of School classic
 with big brother Scott behaving in his usual dignified manner, little brother Spencer looking for bugs and lil sis Shanna in her awesome neon Jellies. And Siara dressed for success with matching hair bow.

A foreshadowing of her future career. Suffering in the Utah
summer heat while her aunt gave her a perm.

Turning the world upside down.
Siara has never been afraid of being herself and
speaking her mind.

A rousing song of Happy Birthday on her 10th Birthday--

It looks like a good time was had by all.
Siara put up with her goofy little brothers and
was always surrounded by love.
A trip to Paris--the first time around.
Siara's artistic abilities are as good as van Gogh and
she still has both of her ears.

A flair for the dramatic.
There is never a dull moment when Siara is around.

Daddy and Daughter at the Arc 'de Triomphe
in Paris France.

Happy Birthday to our sweet, spunky, stylish, Siara.
You are a triumph!


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