The Time Has Come... say good-bye to the Chuck Norris of all cats: Lucy.
You can read the story of this AWESOME CAT here.
We were worried about how Lucy would adjust to the move from Washington to Cali.He had adjusted to two moves before this one: the first just a few blocks and then a big change from City Cat to Country Cat. He adjusted every time and always managed to keep up his work as family critter catcher. We got a nice array of dead stuff on our door step on a regular basis. As well as a few incidents of "Look what the cat dragged in." Dead or half-dead rabbits were a favorite--he thought those should be displayed in the formal living room. He also  had established his tough reputation in his old territory--he fought off coyotes, bears and racoons and had the battle scars to give him cred.
Lucy did well on the long road trip and managed to endure his three weeks at "Kritter Kamp" while we waited for our house to close.
So the biggest change for Lucy in California was the weather. No rain. No snow.  Just purrrrfect cat weather:  always a warm spot in the sun to nap away the day. There were plenty of rabbits to chase and the occasional mouse or mole--or snake. We had begun to think of Lucy as invincible. He prowled around all night and showed up every morning at the front door to be let in and amble to the back door to be let out to eat.
Until I realized I hadn't seen him for a day or two. And then three or four. Then a week.
Lucy seems to have struck out on his own.
Is he hitch-hiking up the coast on his way back to Washington to visit some old pals?
Maybe he decided to be a beach bum and hang out at the ocean.
Or he could be down at the border working for the INS.
Wherever you are Luce, we miss you.


Shanna said…
I'm gonna cry. I love that cat.
pcnerdy said…
That's probably going to happen to our scrappy old cat soon, too.

Scott said…
Lucy nearly warmed the heart of the old man. A feat reserved only for the most titanic of felines. Always calm, cool and collected even in the face of an overbearing 'Baby' (Shane). I imagine an ending similar to that of Legends of the Fall w/ Lucy battling a nemesis bear to both their deaths. "It was a good death"
mamagale said…
Amen, Scott, amen!
Anna said…
First of all:
Shanna! I am so sorry! You've had him for so long. I remember him as a baby. :(

Second of all:
When I die, I want Scott to write my eulogy.

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