Go Ahead, Make My Day

I'm in Utah for Siara's wedding. This morning I got ready for church and then rushed downstairs to get some oatmeal from the breakfast buffet. I was carrying it carefully in the little styrofoam bowl up in the elevator to bring it back to our room--so I could continue to pester, nag and cajole the boys out of their beds and into their suits--when the doors opened on our floor. A grizzled gentleman who was waiting for the elevator, stepped back and let me out with my oatmeal. As I walked past I heard:

"YOU'RE looking good today."

I was the only one in the hall or the elevator so I have to assume he meant me--I mumbled a thank you and kept walking as fast as I could balancing a bowl of oatmeal.

When I got to the room I was telling Sam and he said,
"Was it an 'oh that was a nice compliment' moment or a 'run for your life' moment."

Come to think of it, maybe he was just talking to himself.


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