Let's Talk About the Weather

I may have mentioned we are in Utah for Siara's wedding. Yesterday after church the sun was blazing and the car was like an oven. As the afternoon wore on, a storm moved in and it began to rain cats and dogs. This morning we woke up to SNOW! Then it hailed. Then it continued to snow. Big fluffy flakes that stuck and soon covered the roads. Shane was in the hotel room with only his flip-flops and decided to trek out to the car to get his real shoes. Which,  I just want to state for the record, I packed in spite of his protests that he would ONLY be wearing flip-flops (except of course for the mandatory dressing up for the wedding--and for that he wisely packed his church shoes). So, he put on socks (because it was cold) and flip-flops and headed out. Some time later I heard him pounding on the door. I opened it to a drenched, cold, disgruntled Shane:
"It's FREEZING out there, my socks are soaked and I'm pretty sure I have  FROST-NIP!!"


Anna said…
Haha! frost-nip. :)
Little kids are the best. It's so great that you're documenting the funny things you hear being a mom.

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