Her Children Shall Arise Up and Call Her...


Another Mother's Day has come and gone. This morning Sam asked me,
"Wasn't that your best Mother's Day ever?"
I wasn't sure how to answer that. I'm not really one to Rate the Holiday.
I'm a very blessed Mom and for the most part my kids make sure I "feel the love" year-round.
I have always treasured their little tokens of affection--even when they are coerced into making them by
persuasive Primary Presidents. Shane handed me a tissue paper flower yesterday
on the way to the car after church--
handcrafted with care by my reluctant artiste.
I read the poem attached to it--just a printed piece of paper--nothing original,
and I burst into tears. When he saw my reaction he looked a little befuddled.
It's just that, this is the last Mother's Day that I will have a child in Primary.
I realize there are a lot of "lasts" coming up so I'm trying to buck up and keep it together.
I have loved all of the stages of mothering and look forward to all that is ahead.
Besides, I have grandchildren here and on the way and many more
 (that's not pressure--that's just arithmetic!)
still to come who will more than fill in the gaps.
But for now, I have to say, each Mother's Day is the best one ever.
Because that's another year I got to be the Mom to 8 amazing kids.


Melanie said…
I know how you feel. This was my first Mother's Day without a Primary child. However, since I'm the Primary President I brought home a left over card for my newly 12yo son to decorate for me. He did so happily even though he'd already given me a card.

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