Why I Homeschool Reason #387

Today I was explaining to Shane how to find out the surface area of a prism or a cylinder. We discussed how a cereal box would look all flattened out before it was turned into a box. Then I told him to imagine the cardboard salt container and how it would look with the circle ends cut off and the middle flattened, so he could figure out the area of a cylinder.
           Shane: "I used to think the salt container said 'idolized' salt."
               Me: "Oh, instead of 'iodized'?"
           Shane: "Yeah! I thought, what is this?! A false idol in our cupboard!"

You had to be there.
And I was.
Because I home school.


Larissa said…

Ps I also just read the YW post about the peacemaker challenge. I actually laughed out loud. Totally reminded me of what some of my girls would do!!!

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