Kinda Like Watching Paint Dry

I admit I'm a bit like an old lady when it comes to my garden...
I like to putter around pulling weeds and looking for any new growth.
I'll even admit that I used to watch the PBS show
"The Victory Garden"
on Saturday mornings.
On purpose.
So the 10 days I was in Utah gave my garden a chance for a big growth spurt without me
there to observe every change.




I'm sure you are all just riveted by this exciting development...
I can hear you now:
"OK...her garden grew. Yeah, gardens do that. You plant seeds, stuff grows.
Big whoop-de-doo."

I know.
But I still can't help it.


Melanie said…
Very exciting! Can I come over for some salad?

When I plant seeds, stuff grows. . . and then dies or stuff grows . . . and is eaten by raccoons or stuff grows. . . I'm going to stop now because it's too depressing.
Amelia said…
Hi there! I'm following Cjane around and I just had to say that I love to see my husband get school-boy excited when his seeds grow into seedlings.

He can't help it either.

And I guess I can relate because I feel the same way when I am pregnant...

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