A Memorable Memorial

The day dawned bright and early with a delicious family breakfast at the Little America--we wanted to beat the crowds and get to our
Antelope Island

We started out in the Visitor's Center where we learned all about the history and wildlife of the island out in the middle of the Great Salt Lake. The wildlife could be summed up in the familiar song:
"Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam, and the deer and the antelope play,
where seldom is heard, a discouraging word..."

Oh, except they left out the GNATS!

The truth is, we heard more than a few

And a lot of slapping and itching!

We set out on our "easy" "family friendly" hike up Buffalo Point Trail,
doing our best to keep ourselves from being eaten alive.
Scott and Sam sprinted to the top and were on their way back just as we approached the summit:
"Head back to the car--there's nothing to see!"
they shouted as they continued to fight off the gnats. Scott took Bailey and they hurried down.
We followed as best we could with the loose gravel slowing our progress.
We all jumped into the car and slammed the doors as we slapped and scratched wildly trying to
eradicate any of the lingering plague.
Scott started the car and spun out as we sped out of the parking lot and back to civilization.
As we were leaving, we saw that hundreds of cars were lined up at the entrance waiting to enjoy their Memorial Day on Antelope Island.
We felt helpless to warn them:
Turn Back! Abandon Hope all Ye Who Enter Here!

PS: We came up with a PLAN B and went to Park City where we enjoyed the Alpine Slide and Bailey had fun on the merry-go-round. Then we had our BBQ in a random park where Baily and the uncles had fun playing on the playground.

These pictures are from the day before--we all had a good time playing in the park near
Austin and Shanna's

You are never too old--or too tall to swing!

Bailey got to swing to her heart's content

Uncle Shane and Uncle Sam walkin' Bailey back home.


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