It's Birthday Time, Baby!

Shane has reached the important milestone
12th Birthday.
 He has quite a wingspan for a young fledgeling.
(This was our trip to the San Diego Wild Animal Park when Scott was in town for a quick visit)

He has spent the past year adjusting to a new state, a new town, a new ward, a new neighborhood, a new scout troop, and a new home.
He's pretty well-adjusted.
One thing that hasn't changed:
Late night shenanigans with big brother Sam!

He is looking forward to being a Deacon--here's a little preview of just how handsome he will look in his suit as he takes care of his Priesthood duties.

(He enjoyed (well OK, tolerated) our trip to downtown San Diego to listen to the
San Diego Symphony Orchestra.)

Shane is my baby--though he doesn't like me to call him that.
 He will however allow his sweet little niece, Bailey to call him Baby all she wants.

So, Happy Birthday to the Baby of the family!


Nicole said…
Happy Birthday! Shane, your wingspan picture is pretty awesome!

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