The Back of the Journal

I made it sound like I was going to do a week's worth of these a while back and then pretty much forgot about it...until last week. I was preparing the lesson for the Mia Maids on journal keeping. That got me looking through my old journals and I came across this one:

"10/8/07   I told Sam and Shane that they could sleep in the family room. They kept wrestling and goofing around so I told them 'I'll give you one more chance and if there are any more shenanigans you have to go up and sleep in your own beds!' Five minutes later there was a scuffle and I walked in to find Sam with Shane in a headlock. I said, 'What did I tell you about shenanigans?' Sam piped up: 'This isn't a shenanigan, it's tomfoolery!' I had to laugh and give them another chance."


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