Not a Gardening Post

July is flying by...

We celebrated the 4th (on the 3rd) and then
had a patriotic dessert on the 4th.

Then shipped the boys off to Scout Camp

Sam and Shane had a fun, busy, interesting, hot, dusty, productive week.
Merit Badge Count:
Sam: 9
Shane: 5
Bug Bite Count:
147 each
Mom Blessing Count:
2 Good Scouts + 3 Older Brother Eagle Scouts+ Many Patient Leaders=

I joined them the last evening and they showed me around  Camp Madaguay.

I loved getting the grand tour!

When we all got home, it was time to harvest the corn...
This is a "provident living, self-reliance" highlight.
It just so happens that the corn came from my garden, OK?

I was feeling very grateful to see the fruits of my labor,
especially after I had  to give that up not too long ago.

These were a cheery bonus.

Then, Shayla turned Sweet Sixteen!
She requested doughnuts (from the Amazing KD Donuts!)
Instead of cake...

We are only half-way through the month...
More summer fun to come!


Nicole said…
happy birthday shayla! i wish we could have had donuts with you!

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