A Short Sabbatical

We are heading back to our little cabin in the woods tomorrow for a family vacation--with what is left of our family. With only 3 kids in the car, you would think it would be a very peaceful, quiet drive. We'll see. I think the youngsters are worried that I miss all the crazy hubbub that goes along with a big family so they do their best to keep the noise and chaos level high. They are so thoughtful.

I'm looking forward to spending some time in the green, green greeness that is Washington. Hoping for a little rain even, just for old time's sake. Looking forward to some Burgerville --we won't get into any In'N'Out comparisons--it's all good. I'll pack up an extra suitcase of sunshine to share up there...maybe I can bring back a few clouds. I would bring back some apples but you know how California is about  fruits and nuts crossing  their sacred border...though they keep letting us back in.

PS The cabin is 'off the grid' so it may be awhile before we get back to civilization...don't worry I'll be back with an update on my garden before you know it!


Melanie said…
Hope you have a wonderful vacation Joanna! Now that I only have 2 kids at home, they seem to be working to ensure we have plenty of noise and chaos too!
Anna said…
In-n-out is groooooss! Burgerville forever!

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