I Beg Your Pardon, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

But I did promise you an update on my garden! True to my word, here it is...

After two weeks away, I wasn't sure what would be left of my garden--what with the rabbits and the moles and the birds and the snails. I came home to this:

The mist was a little mysterious this morning...

The giant sunflowers got so top heavy, they hung their heads wearily toward each other.

These just keep popping up randomly--some kind of mum.

A fresh batch of sunflowers!
The tomatoes are ripening by the bushel
 (Like any good produce manager, I carefully arranged them so each one is showing her best side!)
Just the big ones--I'm not that OCD...

This crazy squash got a little carried away
Seth is the arm model here--we really wanted you to
see just how big it got and the tomato wasn't doing it justice!

This was my favorite surprise when I got back:
And lots of them--I had to replant them three times in
my battle with the bunnies.
I win.


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