Cabin Perspective

The garden post was going to be a joke---sort of a spoof of my garden obsession, but by the time I took the pictures and started posting them I was lost in garden craziness and the beauty of nature and the wonder of delicious food growing out of the dirt and it didn't turn out the way I planned...

So, moving on--here's a little summary of our family time at the cabin:

I had forgotten that I glued googly eyes above the red lever that sticks out
of this little door in the laundry room. I don't even remember what the lever is for--
I just thought it was funny that a hole had to be cut so it could stick out like a tongue!

I just crack myself up.

This kind of sums up the personalities of these two brothers.
This was at the beginning of one of our forced death marches
 (as they affectionately call our awesome family hikes).

I gave Shane the camera and it looks like he found something to enjoy
in the midst of the suffering.

The youngsters fed this chipmunk my Natural Soy nut Energy Mix--
after mocking me for even considering it edible.

More of Shane's view of the hike.

They did make it to the top.
Now we come to a portion of the blog we'll call: Family Vacation Through Shayla's Eyes
She took these pictures as we were driving around town:
Delicious and environmentally conscientious!

(This picture was first-- then, suddenly blogspot decided to switch it around.
She likes to feel like she's the boss sometimes--whatever)


The Paper Mill: The reason for Camas' existence.

Young's Deli? Hmmmm


Prune Hill Chapel...
As per tradition, I let her practice driving in the church parking lot.

Now, the conclusion:

This bat was outside of the cabin...a positive change from last year.

That was it for pictures...we were so busy having fun and relaxing--this was all we took!
All the ones I took were on the first day there--then I didn't see my camera again until the end.
So, let's just say,
We swam and
waded in the river--
and threw lots of rocks in there too.
Some went to the Lake and
There was a Nerf War.
Shayla went to Girls Camp
I enjoyed my Stake YW Presidency Reunion
and luncheon (I cooked our fave: Salmon!)
We spent time with friends and family
We enjoyed church with our old ward.
We watched movies and
The Middle
We read in the comfy nooks of the cabin.
We played Redneck Life.
Dad worked hard on maintainence and repairs and
got everything ship-shape.
He found some time to read and relax too.
A Good Time Was Had By All


Melanie said…
Sounds like a wonderful trip! And just so you know, I love your garden posts. I am ashamed to admit we have no garden at all, so I am living vicariously through you.
Larissa said…
Ahh Camas, how I miss you? Looks like so much fun! Yeah for family vacations.

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