Soccer Mom

I am out standing in my field

You might think this post would be about me going to one of my kids' soccer games.
You might think there would be awesome pictures of them charging up and down the field.
You might think I would be the one handing out Capri-suns and orange slices.
But you would be mistaken.

My decision to join the team was a last minute one.
A friend of mine was sick and they were desperate.
They told me all I needed was a red shirt and some shin guards.
I'm wearing Shayla's shorts, socks and shin guards
and Sam's LaCrosse cleats.

 The red shirt came from our local thrift store--a last minute purchase
that left me with no time to wash it before the big game.
Shayla tagged along to laugh at us cheer us on.
She is the reason there is picture evidence.
Yes, I am wearing a knee brace (that was mine)
 I really didn't want to be carried off the field on a stretcher
(Please note that the person I am stealing the ball from
is at LEAST 20 years younger than me.
Just saying.)

I started out apologizing every time I kicked even close to someone, and trying not to bump into anyone. Apparently the other team didn't get the memo about our
friendly little game of soccer.
So I had to kick it up a notch.
And here's a little shout-out to P90X:
Thank you for shredding all my sorry little muscles
And building them back into something useful.

One of the funny moments of the game:
A child on the sidelines yelled "Mom!"
and we all looked over...then the mom said,
"I can't help you honey, I'm playing soccer right now!"

Sometime before halftime, the lovely fragrance of
Thrift Store
began to waft up from my warm, damp shirt--
did I mention it was 80 degrees?
By the end of the game I was regretting that I didn't have time to wash it.
My team was probably regretting it too.


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