Time Travel

The Gale Academy of Classical Education...
went on a FIELD TRIP!
A trip back in time to the REVOLUTIONARY WAR!
But first we had to take a car trip--two hours on the road--a twisty, turny road.
One of our passengers got car-sick. The sound of car-sickness triggered the
same response in Shane...a case of Monkey See, Monkey Do.
Or Monkey See, Monkey Puke.
Just minutes before we left the house for this fateful trip, I threw a roll of paper towels and
a container of wipes in the car.
Good call.
I always keep spare bags in the glove box: Mom 101.
So the Barf Brothers felt better after that
and everyone else managed to keep their breakfast down so we
made it to Riley's Farm without further incident.

There we got to see how a blacksmith makes musket balls and toy soldiers.

This blacksmith was dressed as a British Redcoat--later in the day, he was
a casualty in the fight for Liberty.

This young lady was an American Colonist--she showed us some of the
toys and games of the time.

Here she is mixing up biscuits for the British soldiers who were quartered in her home.
She explained the Quartering Act and we got to see why that would
cause resentment toward the British Soldiers as they barged in and told
her she and her family would have to sleep in the barn.

The tension was building throughout the day as we learned
about the Stamp Act and other Intolerable Acts and took part in a trial.
One of our group was accused of smuggling!
At the end of the day, there was a battle with the British.
Shane and I were on the American side and used our musket handling skills
to fight for freedom and liberty.
Miraculously, all the Redcoats arose from the battlefield after the skirmish
and mingled cheerfully with the colonists who had just killed them.

I'm thinking we could use one of these now that the
youngsters have outgrown Time Out.


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