A Knight's Tale

The Gale Academy of Classical Education...
 ...took another FIELD TRIP!

 Even FURTHER back in time this time..

 To the time of KNIGHTS and LADIES.

 Bagpipe and drum

 Hand-forged weaponry

 Quill pens

 Interesting pants
Silly hats

And  horseback transportation

 But this brought us back to reality

As did this: Ye Olde Porta-potties

I thought the whole experience was interesting and amusing.
 Don't ask Shane what he thought about it.
(At least there was no up-chucking in the car this time.)


Shanna said…
The pants those guys are wearing just look like really tight sweats, ala Nacho Libre. That doesn't seem historically accurate. =)
Nicole said…
yes shanna nacho libre! did you get some for the family?
mamagale said…
Just wait 'til Christmas...

PS When you see them in person you can tell they are made of wool and they are stretched out in odd ways--these people are obsessed with being authentic!

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