And They Call It Puppy Love

Meet the newest member of the Gale Family

This little fellow was rescued with his litter mates from
a dumpster.
 They were only a day old and it was on a 100 degree day last August!

He's our little dumpster doggie.

We were all pretty surprised to see Dad's reaction: snuggling? baby talk? letting the puppy lick his face?
Turns out he's a "Dog Person"...
Who knew?

So, any suggestions for a name?


Nicole said…
oh my goodness that is the cutest little thing! what breed is he? good for you for rescuing him! those poor puppies! bailey's a little scared of dogs but maybe he'll change her mind!
Scott said…
Never thought I'd see the day. Charcoal seems like an appropriate name. Or maybe Hades.
mamagale said…
Hades was actually in the running--along with Cerberus--some of your siblings have picked up on your interest in mythology! They have decided on Gunner. It comes from their obsession with World War II and they like to call him Gunnie--a little shout-out to their favorite store in Utah.
Amelia said…
I would have said Oscar after Oscar the Grouch, but Gunner/Gunnie is good too. He's so cute!

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