Dinner Conversation

Tonight at dinner, Shane mentioned that the first man in space was a Russian.
Shayla: "Oh, in history we were talking about the Russians getting into space first and that it caused the Americans to go into a frenzy to step up science and math in the schools. They really wanted to catch up."

Me: (Missing the "to" and completely baffled as to why ketchup would be so important in the Space Race) "Ketchup? Wasn't ketchup already invented by then?"

Shayla: "Why no, as a matter of fact they were all 'We must have a condiment, made of tomatoes--and before the Russians!'"

Shane: "Our students must get on this right away!"

Sam: "It will contain vinegar and sugar and the secret ingredient: X!"

Cue the hysterical laughter--we really crack ourselves up.


Amelia said…
This made me laugh out loud. I am impressed that your son knew there was vinegar in ketchup. I didn't know that! And I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I've been calling it "Catch-up" since I was a kid thanks to the whole Catsup/Ketchup confusion. I keep trying to correct myself, but usually, it comes out as Katchup instead of Ketchup.

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