Pillow Talk

Last night I was telling Andy that in Sunday School a while back, we were discussing idol-worship. The teacher asked if there are forms of idol-worship in our day. Someone said, "Is Bro. Gale here?" as he looked around and then said, "BYU football." Andy wasn't there because he was teaching the Gospel Essentials class--but it got a good laugh.
Andy: It's not idol worship if it's the Lord's football team.
Me: Just the football team? What about the rest of BYU? You better hope I go first or I'm donating all your money to the BYU Ballet department.
Andy: (look of horror) WHAT!?
Me: Yeah, they'll name the dance building after you "The Andrew Gale School of Ballet"
Andy: (shakes his head)
Me: Or maybe I'll dedicate a bench to you out in front of the Museum of Art. "Andy Gale--He lived for Art"
Andy: More like "He'd Die For Art--or would rather die than sit through anything remotely related to art."


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