Thanksgiving Leftovers

Here are some of the bits and scraps from the last few weeks--left on the camera forgotten and getting close
to their expiration date. Some are a little iffy but most are still fresh enough to enjoy...

Well, the week came and went...we had our
Thanksgiving feast

We invited the missionaries because we were
short on feasters this year.
That's not a missionary, by the way.
I didn't get pictures of them so I
thought this was a good place to insert a picture of the turkey.

Mmmmm rolls...

The dog enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday
lolling about in the California sun.

He doesn't love his bath-- he tolerates it.

Shane went on an overnight hike and caught a fish...

He was quite pleased with his feat as he was the only
one there to catch one.

Sam helped me build a trebuchet for a
school project: Weapons of Elizabethean Times

Shane experienced dinner from start to finish:
(I'm sparing you the pictures of the beheading)
His Key of Liberty class butchered, plucked and
cooked a chicken.

Cat meets dog

You can see why she got the name "Ninja"
Gunner was impressed with her bravado.
They get along like...well...
cats and dogs.


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