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Due to some requests for a real update, I will post the year-end wrap-up for the Gale Gang...you can hum along to the tune in your head (whatever it may be) to liven it up a little

Let's go youngest to oldest just for variety--the last shall be first and all that:

Shane: Turned 12 and he's now a Deacon. There are a lot of boys his age in the ward and he has a lot of fun with them camping and hiking. He serves as a counselor in his quorum presidency. We started a Thomas Jefferson Commonwealth school here that meets in our house so he is taking Key of Liberty (a constitutional studies course) and Shakespeare Conquest. He is in practice scholar phase so he does quite a bit of reading and writing and is taking Algebra online. We recently got a puppy and a kitten--they serve as surrogate siblings for Shane since he's the baby of the family and never got anyone younger to pester and play with.

Sam: Turned 14 and is now a Teacher. He is Teacher's Quorum President--he also happens to be the only Teacher right now. He has been doing his missionary work though and so he has a friend who attends with him and they do a lot of camping and sharpshooting together. He started seminary this year and he serves as Seminary class president. He is taking some classes at the high school: math, biology, Spanish. His last grade report was all A+'s --the grading system here is interesting. He is also progressing well with the piano. He's playing some really amazing pieces and it's fun to listen to him practice. The video is of the recital last spring so he's progressed a lot even since then...

Shayla: Turned 16 and is serving in the Laurel class presidency. She is our resident computer genius and has taken apart several computers and combined them into something better. We think she might be planning to take over the world. She gets a lot of requests to help people in the ward with technical problems. She is taking some classes at the high school as well: medical chemistry, AP US History, Spanish and art. She is a very talented artist and comes up with some pretty amazing projects. We have a computer programming class here as part of our Commonwealth school which she is taking as well. She is on the JV soccer team and plans to play lacrosse in the spring.

Seth: Turned 18 and will soon be an Elder. He earned his Eagle Scout and is at UVU in Deaf Studies. He's taking his GE classes and American Sign Language. He works at Gunnies--selling western wear and saving up for various guns. Shanna and Siara look out for him and feed him once in awhile. He is prepping for a mission next spring. He serves as a counselor in the Sunday School presidency in his student ward.

Spencer: Turned 20 in the mission field. He is serving in the California, Sacramento Hmong speaking mission. The language was a real challenge to learn--especially for someone with such a deep bass voice. But he is doing really well and loves the people. His letters are full of interesting stories about the culture the amazing spiritual experiences he is having. It's odd that he is only six hours away from us but in a whole different world.

Shanna and Austin: Are expecting their first next June! They have both graduated and Austin recently took the LSAT. He works at Gunnies and she is working as a nurse assistant for an ENT clinic.  He serves as ward clerk and Shanna is Relief Society president. They recently moved out of their basement apartment into the upstairs house so they have more room--Austin is thrilled I'm sure that they now have room for us to stay when we come to visit. I tried to download a picture of them but failed...so go here to see them.

Siara and Tyler: Were married last May in the Salt Lake Temple. Siara finished her apprenticeship at Shep Studio and is now a stylist there. Tyler recently got a job with Ebay. They serve as co-teachers for a Primary class in their ward. They are a cute couple and are enjoying married life.

Scott and Nicole: Are in Texas now where they bought a home. He is working for Dow and enjoying that. They had little Norah Ashley in September so Bailey (age 2) has a little sister now. Bailey is a little genius (I can say that, I'm her grandma) she has accumulated an amazing amount of knowledge in her short life. She also happens to be fun and adorable. Norah is a sweet little baby-- we can't wait to see the little person she will become. Nicole is an amazing Mom and serves in Relief Society on the committee formerly known as Enrichment. Scott is the Exec. Sec. in the Bishopric.

Andy is CEO/President of Veridium and working hard. He is also serving as a counselor in our ward's Young Men presidency. He is Sam's advisor which means they get quite a bit of one-on-one time. I am teaching the Shakespeare class  in our school and keeping things running with the homeschooling. I was recently released from Young Women and called to be Relief Society president. Maybe I can get it right this time.

So, there you have it...our nest is emptying and the grandkids are coming. We are a crazy, happy, busy family. I count my many blessings every day and  I am so grateful for the guiding light of the gospel that keeps us headed in the right direction. In such a confused, chaotic world, that peace is a great blessing.


Child Family said…
I can't believe how old everyone is! especially Shane! WOW! that is crazy!
Way cool Gale family. Kind of crazy when you think back to those early years in Camas and we wondered if the kids would ever get out of high school. Now they are off and conquering the world and doing great things, and yes those grandkids are wonderful. Have a great Christmas and New Year!

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