Or How 'Bout This

Here's another possibility for the Gale Family Christmas Newsletter:

Sing along to the tune of the
 Beach Boys' "California Girls"
Please go to the link and listen to the CORRECT
old-timey "California Girls"
I'm not happy that a certain young lady corrupted a fun song!!
California Gales

Well, we lived up in the Northwest and thought it was just fine
Feelin’ hip in our fleece and wool cuz it’s cold and rainin’ all the time

But then a new job brought us to a new and different place
Didn’t know what to do with all the sunshine in our face

The beach is nice and lots of fun and the weather’s not half bad
Helps us forget the earthquakes, fires and the taxes that make us mad.

Chorus: Never thought we’d be California               
Never thought we’d be
Never thought we’d be California Gales…

Scott and Nicole went to Texas with sweet little Bailey too
He’s workin’ for Dow and doing great and they added baby Norah to the crew.

Siara finished her apprenticeship and now she’s doin’ hair
She married a great guy named Tyler and they are a happy pair.

Shanna and Austin are in Utah and have a baby on the way
He took the LSAT recently and plans to go to law school some day.

Seth’s in Utah too, goin' to college -- studying like a student should
He earned his Eagle rank and is prepping for a mission—so with him it’s all good

Chorus: Wish they all could be California

                 Wish they all could be California

                 Wish they all could be California Gales…

Spencer’s here in Cali serving faithfully with the Hmong
He’s been out a year already so he’ll be home before too long.

Shayla’s here with us—a California girl of sorts--(though she doesn't wear short shorts)
She’s playing soccer on the JV team and enjoying other sports.

Sam’s here too and loving all the camping and shooting too
He’s playing the piano and studying and will be an Eagle soon, it’s true

And finally there’s Shane—a California kid reluctantly
He’s made lots of friends and keeps busy with the new kitten and puppy

Well, we’ve lived here for awhile now and we’re getting used to the sun.
The people here are so darn nice and really know how to have fun.

Chorus: So I guess we’re going to be California

                Guess we’re going to be California

                Guess we’re going to be California Gales…

We miss our friends in Camas and we hope you're doin' fine
If you get a chance come see us or at least drop us a line

If you need to get out of the rain and you're lookin' for some sun
Head down this way and visit us, we'll have some good California fun!

Chorus:        So come see California
                     Come see the California
                     Come and see the California Gales

(For some reason this looks fine and compact as I edit but spreads out when I publish--you know Blogspot--she  likes to think she's the boss sometimes--whatever)


Nicole said…
i don't know the tune of this song so consequently i have the katy perry verision stuck in my head! which i know is not what you were intending!
mamagale said…
AAAHHHH! NOOOO not that icky song!! Listen to the link...sadly the icky song gets a lot of attention around here as you can imagine.

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