15 years ago today, Sam came into the world.
He weighed 8 lbs 11 oz
and he opened his big eyes and looked around calmly.
I waited to hear his cry but he was busy taking it all in.
When Sam was safely in my arms the doctor said
"You made childbirth look elegant."

So here's to Sam of the Elegant Birth

Another year older
and wiser too...

He celebrated with pizza, fizzy fruit juice and
a Mom-made cake.
Good times.

And this was his most anticipated gift:
Blair's Death Rain chips
and Habanero powder.
He is pretty low-maintenance.
When he saw these on the counter this morning he said,
"Wow! It's a great birthday so far!"
That was even before he got to the cheap imitation
Cap'n Crunch cereal I had waiting for his breakfast.


Melanie said…
Happy Birthday to Sam! What a great young man. I am still pondering elegant childbirth Joanna. I can imagine you wearing a flowing gown and delicate perfume while speaking sweet words to the medical staff. Am I close?
mamagale said…
Hahaha Melanie--yes....yes that's how it was...I packed my flowing childbirth gown that day.
Actually, it may have been that I was the only one in the busy delivery wing who wasn't screaming. Only because by number seven you realize it goes faster if you relax and put the energy into pushing instead of hollering.
Anna said…
He's looking so much like Seth.

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