Old News

As promised, here is a pictorial of our wild Spring Break in Utah...

Day 1:
We took Shayla on a tour of BYU campus.
 There was an interesting art 
display in the HFAC...
The contraption below looked like a few
things my kids have done with old
motors and army men....when they were like 7 years old.

Old newspapers on a chain
Looks like someone put off their art project 'til the last minute
and lucky for them someone put off emptying the trash.
It's a win/win.

Day 2:
  Church and nachos...
Then we had a family Quilting Bee and
tied a quilt for Baby Mason

Day 3...
A sweet nautical-themed baby shower
for Shanna and baby Mason

Whilst the girls were oohing and awing over
adorable baby stuff, the boys went out for
Ice Cream Cones

Day 4:
Bonding with guns and ammo

Yep, I'm a pistol packin' Mama
and Seth let me shoot his Mosin-Nagant--
Now I know what I want for Mother's Day.
(I know that's not a pistol or a Mosin--it's the only picture I had
of me shooting--but I did shoot the Mosin. And it was

Shanna getting Baby Mason started early
learning about the family hobby.

The morning of Day 4:
I ran off to Salt Lake on a charitable
Relief Society errand.

The free quilting supplies I picked up ended up
costing me a whole lot more than nothing.
Thank you Salt Lake's Finest for pulling over a frazzled
Relief Society president looking for the
Humanitarian Headquarters.
I was informed that I was going 5 over the limit.
Was it my BYU license plate in Ute territory perhaps?
And it snowed while I was there.

I told you about our good time at the Macbeth performance our last night...


I tried to make the trip home fun and adventurous for the 
youngsters by 
stopping off at a roadside petting zoo:

Baby goats!
A zebra!
Actually, the kids didn't want to get out of the car. 
I finally coaxed Shayla out and she humored me
and walked over to look at the animals.

So I tried again at Cove Fort:

They all staggered out of the car and went on the tour with me.
As I was loading these pictures for the blog, Sam said
"I was really kinda mad that you made us get out of
the car for this--but then it turned out to be
really cool. It wasn't boring like I assumed it would be."
That, my friends is a ringing endorsement from
a fifteen year old boy.

And that was our Spring Break in Utah.
One day while I was paying for groceries in the
Smith's in Orem, I overheard two guys talking about
how bad the weather had been. One said to the other,
"We just got back from our Spring Break in San Diego--it was beautiful!"

We can have that beautiful weather anytime so it was worth the
chill and damp to spend some time with people we love.


Melanie said…
You packed a whole lotta fun into that trip!

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