Let me tell you about my day...

So, yesterday began with the usual 5:15 am wake up. I haven't used an alarm clock since high school--I just tell myself what time to wake up and my internal clock starts winding down my dreams a few minutes before wake up time and then my brain starts an "All Systems Go" alert and my eyes pop open at the appointed hour. It's very convenient and low maintenance. Now where was I? Oh yeah, 5:15 am. I roll out and get breakfast started for what is becoming the last of the Mohicans  for the Gale Clan. Shayla and Sam are #6 and 7 of the 8 seminary-goers. According to my calculations, I have been getting kids up for seminary for the past 14 years (give or take). But there is a light at the end of that tunnel and that light will shine in 2016 when Shane wraps up his formal Church Education--at least as far as it involves me personally waking up before the crack of dawn.

I got the french toast toasted and the hot chocolate hot and then turned my attention to the peanut butter sandwiches and got their lunches packed. They straggled in and gulped down their breakfast and then left with Dad who was dropping them off. I turned my attention to the dishes and clean up and then I needed to prep for Relief Society presidency meeting. I got a little more involved in my calendering and agenda typing than I realized and suddenly it was past the time I usually let the dog out of his kennel for his morning constitutional. I was still in my jammies and slippers but I bolted out the back door to the pool house and opened the door. The smell that greeted me confirmed that I had waited too long. But the big surprise was that Gunner was not in the kennel. He was lying like the perfect model of a good dog next to the kennel. He had sprung himself from doggie jail. A very messy, smelly doggie jail. I felt terrible for waiting too long and he had managed, in spite of the messiness of the situation, to not get anything disgusting on my nice rug. I fed him his breakfast and turned my attention to the mess. I made the executive decision to just throw away his bed. I sealed it in a drawstring garbage bag and disposed of it in the trash. Then, I hosed out the kennel and gave it a good dowsing of Clorox Clean-up. I went back into the pool house to air it out and spray it down with Febreeze--when I noticed the odor was still too strong considering the source was outside and disposed of. Then I noticed the other surprise behind the treadmill. Apparently it was a big digestion night for Gunner--and the mongrel doesn't even eat that much! I'm just glad it was on the concrete floor and not the carpet--or the treadmill for that matter.

Well, after that perfect start to my day, I had to step it up to be ready for the meeting which was at my house. After the meeting, I had a Visiting Teaching appointment. By then I figured my day had been stressful enough and I hoped to go home and take a breather before I had to pick up the kids from school. I pulled out of the side street onto a main road heading toward home, I got up to the speed limit when a small white car came screaming up to my bumper at an alarming rate. There were two guys in the car who looked to be late teens early twenties. I thought they were going to crash into me, instead, the driver started swerving back and forth wildly while his passenger gestured and laughed. The road was narrow and one lane with a median in the center that is planted with good size oak trees and there is concrete curbing on both sides of the road.  There is not a lot of room for error. He continued to ride my bumper and swerve crazily--and then he pulled around like he was going to pass me--only there was no room to pass. There was no way to pull over and let them and they didn't seem to want to go by, they were having a good old time acting like maniacs. After a couple more tries at running me off the road and into a tree, the driver swerved between the trees and roared down the other side of the road going the WRONG WAY! This forced an oncoming car to drive up on the sidewalk as they tore by. He then crossed back into my lane and sped ahead. I followed as I tried to see his license plate and also memorize the description of the car and the two crazed maniacs. They turned onto the cross road that leads to my house so I continued behind them but they got up to about 80 mph in a 25 so I pulled over and dialed 911. The operator transferred me to California Highway Patrol and I explained what happened and using my Good Citizen Perpetrator Description Skills, I described the car and it's crazed contents. I only got the first 3 digits of the license number--they were so close to my bumper, I actually couldn't see it most of the time.

I had another errand to run so I headed downtown. On the way home I was wondering if the CHP had caught up with them or if they had caused any damage further down the road. It really seemed like the driver had to be under the influence to be that insane. Well, I turned up the road right before our street, and there parked on the side of the road is the very car. White Toyota Yaris. License 6CL something. Just sitting there empty. I parked and got out my handy dandy Droid phone with the handy dandy camera. I did a very thorough job of photographing it from every angle. And got a clear shot of the license plate. I then called my Police Detective friend (who also happens to be in our Bishopric) and asked him how to pass along the new information. He told me to call 911 again and let them know it was more information related to an earlier call. As I was talking to the dispatcher, the punks came out and got in the car and drove away. I recognized them as the wild wackos and then knew for sure it was the car.

So yeah, that was my day...I'm waiting to hear back from the Highway Patrol and I got dinner on the table and Shayla home from Driver's Ed. in time for the Computer Programming class we have here. You know--


Melanie said…
I know I should comment on the craziness of your day, but I still can't get past the French toast and hot chocolate. I have never gotten up to make my kids breakfast before seminary. I hope your kids realize how blessed they are to have such a great mom!

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