Life Lately

We celebrated Shayla's Seventeenth

Sam enjoyed the Super Activity on Catalina Island

Always some silly cat/dog entertainment

Lots of Beach Time--
This is Torrey Pines
Our Favorite:

If you leave at 6:30 am you pretty much get the beach to yourself!

Sam's Buddy Since Babyhood: Ollie, came for a visit:

They had fun at the beach. I have video of them surfing 
but I haven't been able to get it to post here. 
(Note to Shayla: HELP!)

We went to Sea World--and saw a
What do kangaroos have to do with the Sea?
I really don't know.

Shane and I went to the dolphin show at Sea World.
This is what I saw:
The lovely, LARGE hat of the woman
in front of me:

Later, I talked all three boys into going to the 
Rock 'n Roll Shamu Show:

No hats blocked my view this time:

We said good-bye to Ollie:

Had some pretty intense chess battles:

Shane earned FIVE yes FIVE merit badges
Plus his Star Scout advancement:

We went to the beach again:

Shayla went with us as well as Sam's other friend, Dakota.
Actually Dakota was with us the last time we went but
he's not in the pictures because he got jabbed in the
heel by a stingray and was getting first aid for it at the
ranger station. 

Shane, Sam, Dakota, Shayla

For my guy.


Nicole said…
we just went to sea world too! it was awesome! i wish we could have all gone together!

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