Service Exceeding My Expectations

Yesterday I had my presidency here for our weekly meeting. We had gathered in the living room and were just getting ready for the thought and prayer when my doorbell rang. I wasn't expecting anyone else so I was surprised to see an appliance repairman at my door.

Just the day before our microwave had stopped microwaving. I had asked Andy if he wanted to take a look at it--he's a pretty handy guy when it comes to home maintenance and repairs--but he didn't have time and told me to just call a repairman. I hadn't had a chance to call anyone yet, so when I saw the repairman on my doorstep I thought Andy must have called.

The appliance repair company: House Calls, was  one we had used before--very nice family owned company and they do great work. He was even nice enough to show me how to fix our dishwasher instead of charging me a hefty fee to do something simple. So, I led him to the microwave and he set to work. The Relief Society ladies and I adjourned to the theater room so we could have our meeting without including the repairman in our business.

I told my presidency I had no idea a repairman was coming that morning and I was surprised Andy hadn't called to let me know he had made the arrangements. At one point the repairman asked for our help to get the microwave out of its abnormally high niche (our house was built by a building contractor for his own family--he happens to be very tall and loves to cook). Then he came in again to explain the problem and give me the estimate. I explained to him when he first came in that we were overseeing our church's charitable organization. So when he told me there were two possible problems: one very expensive with a part that was probably not possible to get, and one fairly cheap and he had the part in his truck--he told me, "When you go back to your meeting, say a prayer that it's the cheaper part!"

Soon after that I heard him on the phone and he came to ask me:
        "What is your address here?"  I told him our address.
 Then he said:
         "Well, it turns out that it was your neighbor who called--she has a broken dryer. She called the office
         asking where I was. They called  and asked me why I wasn't at (my neighbors) and I said 'I'm                                    standing in her kitchen right now!' and they said,
 'NO you're not!'"

For some reason the office had put my neighbor's name on the work order but my address.

We all had a good laugh and he finished up.
 (It was the cheaper part!)
 As he was leaving he said:
"Well, if you need any other repairs, don't bother calling.
 I'll just show up!"


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