Scholarly Pursuits...

...or Why I Home School, Reason #238.
We are studying the Civil War this year here at The Gale Academy of Classical Education. We each chose an aspect of the war with the assignment to prepare a report and give a presentation on the chosen subject. Shane's topic was the weapons of the war (naturally). He likes to do the barest minimum and continually tries my soul by not being a cheerful and dedicated scholar. But I am relentless in my efforts to inspire him to greater heights of educational endeavor (I have taken away all video games and anything like unto it) in hopes of helping him attain his full potential.

Yesterday was spent in an ongoing debate with Shane trying to negotiate his way into a lazy and sloppy presentation and a one paragraph report. He was wearying me with his whining but I stuck to my guns (a little weaponry reference there hahaha). In the end, I quietly reminded him that he needed to do his best and left him to decide what that was.

This morning, I woke up and walked down the hall. Taped on the wall there where I couldn't miss it was Shane's presentation. And laid out nicely in front of it was his report. He had used one of our emergency flashlights to spotlight his work. Attached were two sticky notes:
 "Sorry about the typos" and 
         "I told you I'm capable of applying myself"

But the best part was the title page of his report:
Weapons of the Civil War
A fantastical report of the horrible, bloody and devastating weaponry of the Civil War by
the fantastically brilliant and cultured author, Shane Gale: the hero of the civilized world
and savior of the arts and culture.
In this touching and beautifully written report, you'll find the mysteries of the 
Civil War have been unlocked in a wonderful cultured masterpiece.


Shanna said…
I must meet this author! -Austin-

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