Let Me Explain...

First of all, I have to clarify by answering my own question from my "Full Disclosure" post. I really don't remember most of the crazy, exhausting, draining, difficult, sleepless, discouraging times during the peak years as a Mormon Mother of Many. When I read my own journal it's like someone else wrote it--
and I feel really sorry for the poor woman! 
And let me add that I am glad I put it all in writing--now I can look back and see what I was really going through and see very clearly that faith and prayers and gumption saw me through. Now that I am past those tough years,  I  feel such gratitude for the challenges that helped me in the refining process and brought me to a deeper love for the amazing children I was blessed to mother. So, I really do have a warm and fuzzy memory of those years but the written record to remind me of the journey.

As for the "Liken" post--I have to say that before we had a dog, I would read the scripture in Proverbs 26:11--or listen to it referenced in a lesson or talk, and barely give it a thought. But now, I have a very graphic reaction. It brings so much more meaning to it for me. I consider my "follys" and the way I have such a hard time giving up bad habits--especially every New Year's when I am pondering on possible resolutions and I realize I am repeatedly striving to overcome the same weaknesses year after year. Now, I can think of my sugar addiction as puke and my gag reflex kicks in...well, you get the picture. So, don't you think it is a very powerful image to help us overcome our weaknesses?
 You're welcome.


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