Yo Dawg. I heard you like goin' to the Celestial Kingdom...

Last night our FHE lesson was on the Plan of Salvation (or as I like to call it: The Great Plan of Happiness!)
We were having a great discussion and lots of participation--and then Andy called. I walked over to answer the phone and within SECONDS everything deteriorated into a big wrestling match  (this is nothing new!). They let the dog in to join in the mayhem too. I came back with Dad on Skype so he could enjoy the chaos that we call family togetherness.

Later, I saw that my phone was on the couch where Shane had been sitting. I saw this texting interchange between Shane and Seth (who had been sitting two feet away on the other couch)

Shane: This lesson is the bomb.com

Seth: Pay attention.

Shane: Okay..........
Shane: I have given this lesson before in my class, but this one is much better than the other lame versions I have had.
Shane: My teacher forgot about final judgement and the spirit world.

Seth: hahaha

Shane: That's when I said "ummmmmm can I teach the lesson?" he instantly agreed.
Shane: Yur such an enourmis troll!!!!!!!!!
Shane: Yo dawg. I heard you like goin to the celestial kingdom.

Seth: lol

(I'm feeling pretty good about the fact that my lesson compared favorably to other lessons Shane has had on the subject. A little concerned about him critiquing his church teachers though. I have to say it's refreshing to see Seth telling Shane to pay attention--never thought I would see the day. Looks like we need some spelling practice for the word enormous. Nevermind that he randomly calls his big brother a troll!)

Sam adapted my visual aids to portray 
"The buffetings of satan"


pcnerdy said…
Troll is a big Internet thing. It basically means you bait people on purpose. So he may have been using it that way.

Then again I am out of touch with these young folk...

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