Once again the Gale Family is in a state of limbo. Waiting. Wondering. Our provider and protector is on the other side of the country while we hold down the fort here. Actually, we are trying to sell the fort here. Anyone looking for a nice family home in a warm, sunny locale? Palm trees swaying in the breeze right in the back yard? Surrounded by great people and minutes from beautiful beaches? Disneyland is less than two hours away. Is it snowing and cold where you are? Today it's  70 degrees, blue skies and warm sunshine here. Just in case you are looking to relocate.

I have been continuing to pack--I assume that we will eventually move. Our house feels a little barren and we keep saying-- "We'll do that when we get moved". It's a strange, detached dimension we live in. It happened to us last time there was a change in employment and I was hoping not to have that challenge ever again. It just might be  that my need for consistency means I need to be tested and tried--to be pushed out of that comfort zone. So I am forward, pressing forward while trying to maintain consistency in the things that matter most. Our ward is kindly still including us and the kids have plenty of activities to keep us busy.

And I decided to go ahead and plant the garden. I was feeling a little stingy last spring when I thought the house would sell by summer's end and I didn't want to do all of the sowing and not get any of the reaping. Selfish I know. So I am repenting and renewing. I am willing to "come what may and love it". It felt good to be out in the dirt. I pruned the pear tree and pulled weeds. Shane hauled some mulch for me and Gunner ran around and barked and chased off any and all intruders (insects, lizards and birds).

Each day is a gift wherever we are. I am soaking up the sunshine while I can. We can look back with gratitude and see the Lord's guiding hand in our lives up to this point and I have the surety of faith that we will sell the house and get on to the next thing all in good time. By the way the orange tree we planted when we first moved here died. The roots were devoured by ravenous moles. Being the cock-eyed optimist that I am, I yanked it out and planted a new one. I may not see my own harvest of oranges but I have certainly enjoyed the generous harvest of the good people here who have shared their oranges with us.


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