Early Morning Conversation With the Truthist

Shane and I were discussing an upcoming Scouting activity. These discussions usually involve me promoting the activity: "Yay Scouts! Go! Have Fun!" and Shane telling me why it will be the worst thing that ever happened to him: "Most of the Scouts don't want to be there. We get thrown together with kids that swear and say obnoxious stuff." (this is not our troop--it's a regional activity--just for the record) This time it went like this:

Me: Maybe you could look for the good in the other scouts--everyone has good qualities. God doesn't make any junk.

Shane: I know God doesn't make any junk but people make themselves into junk. And those Scouts have had 13 years to work on it.


Melanie said…
My 13 yo tells me the same thing about regional scout events, but he is still excited to go. I just get to listen to lots of complaining afterwards.

Thanks for the laugh! I needed it this morning.

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