Last Letter From the MTC

Our missionary leaves for Georgia tomorrow--the three weeks in the MTC went so fast! Here's today's email:

Dear Family,

This last week was awesome! Elder Holland came and spoke in the devotional on Tuesday! it was freaking awesome! He's such a beast! He lays it out and calls it as he sees it! He practically shouted that we have no right to compromise the legacy of missionary work before us and we have an obligation to the younger generation to pass the torch! Anyway, it was way cool! and! last night Alex Boye came and spoke and sang! He was freaking hilarious! You should look him up you don't know who he is! He had some awesome advice as a convert who served a mission.
I'm so ready to get out into the field already! These 3 weeks have flown and I'm worried the 2 years is gonna fly by! So I'm gonna work as hard as I can to baptize the whole world before its too late! I'm already dreading the day I have to take this nametag off and never put it back on... makes me wanna cry already, I don't want to ever take off Jesus' name! I'm so honored and blessed to wear it here now and can't wait to bring his gospel to the people I get to serve! Today is my last day at the MTC and we fly out early tomorrow! I'll try to call sometime, we have about an hour layover in Denver, so I should be able to call for at least a little bit! We shall see. I'm going to miss my district so much! They're all so awesome! I'm afraid I have a false perception of companions now, cause Elder Packard and I have gotten along so well and are good friends! So I hope I can make that happen with all my my comps! Hopefully I won't have to do these leadership things in the field--it's pretty inconvenient. but I feel I have served well and my district still likes me, so I consider that a success!
 The MTC really is a unique place and a spirit all its own! Hard to believe a place filled with rowdy 19 y/o boys could ever have the spirit, but it just goes to show the church is true!
I love you all and will see you all too soon!
Elder Seth Gale


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